Sunday, June 29, 2008

How the bike and sidecar are attached together so I can drive from wheelchair

Wheel up the ramp and Im gone

tight ride but not much ground clearance so just watchout for bumps

Has a big shock for the tire and then a forward shock to allow the sidecar to move forward when the front forks compress. Surprised how swooth this thing flowed through corners

Not sure what the round thing is

looks like all the wires and cables had to be extended to reach over to the sidecar

this is a hydralic mechanism that opens and closed the gate

there is a little round thing at the bottom where the sidecar meets the frame that has a grease fitting so must move somehow

These are attached very sturdy with some angle iron and "twist mechanisms" that allow for movement so it rides smoothly.

Tomco controling Sidecar attached to 1981 Hondamatic CM400A

This is gear shift linkage on the Tomco. Bike is a 2 speed automatic

see how the linkage is attached to the top of the shifter not the front, the usual place I expect a gear shift lever to be at

Just a simple lever for the 2 speed auto transmission. Push forward with left had for neutral pull back for 1st and 2nd. Works everytime dont have to work it like I used to have to on a Honda quad with shifter extender

here it sits with the ramp down to act as a parking brake

Beem riding it around in circles in the yard to charge the battery

Arrived June 25, 2008.