Friday, October 31, 2008

mounts up close

The individual clamps to mount the side car to

New mounts

sidecar mounts on the Harley

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

old fender

This has to go

Klictronic Shifter photos

Finally got shifter installed and bike over to bike builders shop. No that oil on the cardboard is NOT from the bike! When bike was driven to shop the rider said the neutral light came on twice.... Hope the tranny doesnt get aten up.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Got a new bike, a Harley Street Bob

Found mounting brackets

Found mounting brackets online if I need them. The transfer of the side car to a new bike should be fairly easy. The mounting brackets should bolt right on to the new bike and there is a couple pieces of metal that can be re-drilled to accomadate the new position of the bolts on the swingarm and upper shock bracket on the new bike. A fabricater came out to look at the side car and agreed to make the switch at end of the month.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Found a few more MPH

The Honda came with a 71 tooth rear sprocket and would top out at about 27 mph. I was worried it had to have that large of sprocket to engage the centrifugal clutch but went ahead and bought a 52 teeth sprocket and put it on yesterday. Got out on the highway and it will get up in 30s now which is enough for me to get into town by the back roads.

Reason I want to get into town is to pull the Tomco/Honda next to a newer larger bike so I can see if the transfer is possible with the currents mounting brackets.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Looking for mounting brackets for a Harley

Hope to be able to find already made brackets but expext to have to build own to attach this Tomco sidecar to a Harley.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Good news

Rode the bike on the highway this weekend and top out at 30mph, that was as fast as it could go without over revving. For some reason the back sprocket is huge, 71 teeth. Has lots of power but no speed. Not sure what model the back tire is from certainly not a CM 400A so I have been stuck finding a new sprocket for the thing until today. The sun was peering through the garage as the bike and I sat there wondering what to do and some writing on the sprocket all of a sudden caught my eye. It was the company and the sprocket size. I will call the company "Sprocket Specialists" tomorrow and try and get about a 52 teeth sprocket. Hopefully I can gain enough speed and still keep some power to use the back roads to get into town.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

How the bike and sidecar are attached together so I can drive from wheelchair

Wheel up the ramp and Im gone

tight ride but not much ground clearance so just watchout for bumps

Has a big shock for the tire and then a forward shock to allow the sidecar to move forward when the front forks compress. Surprised how swooth this thing flowed through corners

Not sure what the round thing is

looks like all the wires and cables had to be extended to reach over to the sidecar

this is a hydralic mechanism that opens and closed the gate

there is a little round thing at the bottom where the sidecar meets the frame that has a grease fitting so must move somehow

These are attached very sturdy with some angle iron and "twist mechanisms" that allow for movement so it rides smoothly.

Tomco controling Sidecar attached to 1981 Hondamatic CM400A

This is gear shift linkage on the Tomco. Bike is a 2 speed automatic

see how the linkage is attached to the top of the shifter not the front, the usual place I expect a gear shift lever to be at

Just a simple lever for the 2 speed auto transmission. Push forward with left had for neutral pull back for 1st and 2nd. Works everytime dont have to work it like I used to have to on a Honda quad with shifter extender

here it sits with the ramp down to act as a parking brake

Beem riding it around in circles in the yard to charge the battery

Arrived June 25, 2008.